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The #1 Marketing Agency for Fast Growth 

Need more traffic, leads & sales to grow your business FAST? 

Jassel Media is a boutique marketing agency based in Melbourne. Our mission is to help small & medium businesses thrive. With our services and training, we help businesses succeed. 

Since 2016, we’ve helped 600+ business owners in 40+ niche markets create profitable businesses.

Our Expertise

We help Our Clients grow their businesses FAST 

Facebook Messenger Marketing

We will help you integrate Facebook Messenger into your business. With 80% Open Rates, and 30% Click Throughs, FB Messenger Marketing is the Next BIG thing! 

Presentation Design

Are you looking to sell one to many? Presentation is a perfect way to speak to 1-to-many and sell your products or services. We assist our clients create perfect presentation to influence their audience!

Content Creation

Creating the content that brings value to your prospects, leading them to you. Creating pre-qualified leads that turn into sales. It speeds the sales cycle, makes sales your staff happy and your revenue grow faster.

Sales Funnels

You need more than a website! Times have changed, and high converting sales funnels are the fuel behind todays hottest brands. Imagine getting 10x more conversions from the same advertising spend, thanks to the power of a sales funnel... It's working right now in almost every industry!

Brand Marketing

We will help you build your brand and manage your reputation using perception marketing, so that people know you, like you and trust you. It’s all about creating and distributing unique, educational, engaging content with the end goal of increasing conversions. 

Social Media Advertising 

The new era of advertising has arrived, and it's SOCIAL. With billions of active users checking social media 5, 10 or 20+ times a day the opportunity for marketing has never been greater. Facebook Advertising, our go-to secret weapon for business growth, is getting an average of 5x return on ad spend right now and sometimes much higher depending on the niche and offer.

Google SEO & AdWords

When it comes to results, we speak your language. At Jassel Media, we offer dedicated Google advertising services to bring you on the first page.

The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing For Coaches & Consultants


Lead Generation Made Easy

We will design, create, and manage a client acquisition funnel to consistently bring in new clients and convert them into sales on autopilot.

  • Help you create the perfect landing page 
  • Create lead magnets that your audience BEGS for
  • Write hyper-persuasive HOOKS and HEADLINES 
  • ​Get your prospect to give you their email AND phone number
  • ​Hook your ideal customer so they can’t say ‘no’
  • ​Create FB Marketing Lead Generation Campaigns for you..
  • ​Write a perfect Ad copy to help you attract the right audience. 

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Facebook Messenger Marketing

Your customers prefer relevant, personalized marketing. Meaningful engagement happens via Messenger, not email

  • Custom Messenger Experiences That Convert 
  • Full Service Messenger Marketing 
  • Facebook Advertising Integration 
  • ​Advanced Bot Design & Development 
  • ​Technical Setup & Implementation 

ATTENTION: Digital Marketers, Ad Agency Owners and Freelancers

Learn How To Become A Highly Paid Location FREE Digital Marketer

What Is Perception Marketing? 

Creating a certain perception about you & your brand in the marketplace so that people:

  • Know you
  • Like you
  • Trust you 
  • ​Already want what you're selling ...before you even try to sell it.

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Done-For-You Sales Funnels

Built To Turn Clicks Into High Ticket Clients
A Done For You Automated Sales Funnel is completely custom and built in a way that keeps as much of the work out of your hands as possible...

We'll figure out what kind of sales funnel makes sense for your offer, and build everything from start to finish.

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